My Adventure Man ~ Bandit!

by Brandi

My cat Bandit was always special. He was born in a group of 4 siblings, and was the only one that looked Siamese. He was always his own cat. He lived differently. When he started acting differently, it was just part of his personality.

He would be the one that got stuck in the tree, or under the neighbors house and refused to come out. He would be the one that went into a yard with a mean little Corgi. I had to pick him up all over the neighborhood because of his adventuresome spirit.

But I couldn't bear to keep him inside. He was the happiest cat I have ever met in my life. He was just happy. All the time. It would just show. He loved life.

While his siblings caught occasional bugs and brought them inside, he never managed to be able to catch anything. He just didn't seem to do it. Except once, and he was so proud of himself... he talked and talked for a long time.

He would sometimes miss a jump. I noticed little things being different about him. Every time I got worried and planned to take him to the vet, he seemed to get better. Hopping around and running the next time I looked at him. So, by the time I realized how sick he really was, it was too late.

I feel so guilty.

I failed him.

I feel like he always had something wrong. Maybe I missed it somehow. When he went through these changes, I thought he was just going through another wacky phase, because he was full of wacky phases.

He died of kidney failure. And I didn't realize until it was too late. At the same time, considering he would have had treatment after treatment that may have only extended his life by a few months, I think maybe its better that I didn't realize it, but I don't know? Its hard to know. I had to rush him to the emergency vet. My regular vet doesn't know yet, and I'm scared to tell them. I had his labs drawn every year, and nothing ever showed up.

My sweet bandit-boy is gone. I loved him so very much. He was a bright light. I have his siblings, but my house is eerily quiet without him. I hope he knew how much I loved him. I hope he loved his little life here. I hope he loved our home and our yard. I hope that it was the best life he could have possibly had.

I'm sad, but it isn't about me.

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Jul 10, 2015
Bandit ~ Mr.Personality!
by: Sandra


Thank you for sharing.

I can well understand your love for Brandi. I love all cats and dogs, but I have a special place in my heart for Siamese cats. I have always had them. They are special. You mention how wacky Bandit was. Well I know what you mean. The Siamese in him is his wackiness. I call it quirky!

All cats are adventurous I think, but Siamese cats are a spirit unto themselves! Nothing else like them. Full of quirky personality. They talk, and talk. Full of opinions about everything! Maybe Bandit's nickname should have been Mr. Personality!

You are going to miss Bandit's big spirit at your house. You didn't fail him. You did your best and loved him every minute of his life. There will be an empty place, but remember Brandi, that you can always bring Bandit back by just closing your eyes. See him in your mind's eye. He will always be with you.

I have no doubt that Bandit loved his life at your house. I think he had loads of fun there!

It is about you Brandi. It is about your love for your beloved cat Bandit. The love you have for him is proof of the kindness you hold in your own heart. Sharing that love and kindness with another creature is the most wonderful, special thing you could ever do.

Thank you for telling us your story.


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