by Jonathan

I was 13 when I got Luke as a foster dog.

When we first got him we just clicked, but another dog we had didn't like him, so they would fight sometimes.

Well it kept happening, and one day he got beat up bad and I wanted to stay home from school but my mom said no.

So, I left to walk to my bus stop and when I came home, she told me when they picked him up to go to the vets he just stopped breathing and died.

So we got him cremated and now he sits in our living room and the vet sent us a copy of the rainbow bridge and when I read it, I bawled my eyes out.


Hi Jonathan,

Thank you so much for telling us the story about Luke.

He must have meant a lot to you and that is a wonderful thing!

The pets we have when we're young, have such a profound impact on our lives and how we feel about animals. You will remember Luke all your life now.

I remember each and every pet we had when I was a child. I remember them all (...and there were many ), and it seems like just yesterday to me.

They taught me so much and I loved them all.

The Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful poem and it let's us believe that we will see our beloved pets again, when it is time for us.

I believe I will see my pets again someday, and I look forward to stroking their sweet heads and silky ears.

Bless you Jonathan for caring so much about Luke.


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