Lucky! My Baby Boy

by Seja

I'm a little girl. I'm only 11. Here is my story.

My cat's name was Lucky. He was named that because my grandparents live in this house, so the neighbors used to own him and they were going to move, so they let all the cats out and he was the only cat to survive. So that's how he got his name.

We got him when he was 2. My cat is a outside cat. So he comes in and out whenever he wants to.

One day he was not acting him self. He came from outside and sat on my lap. He is pretty old. He was 13 when he died. Anyway he came and I played with him. It was time to go to sleep and we went to sleep. Before he sleeps he licks me and purrs as if he is trying to tell me something. So in the middle of the night he wakes me. I didn't know it, but he was saying goodbye. I fed him and I went back to sleep.

The next morning I didn't find him on my bed. I went down stairs and back up stairs 6 times looking for him. He would usually let me know when he is leaving but then I remembered last night. He would usually come back when he leaves around 6:00, but he didn't that day.

I started to get worried. So me and my mom were coming out to go somewhere and we found him dead. I miss him so much.

I won't ever forget him.

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Sep 09, 2014
Lucky Was the Luckiest Cat Ever!
by: Sandra

Hi Seja,

Thank you for telling us about Lucky. He sure sounds like a very special cat. I'm sure you miss him very much indeed.

Although Lucky is gone from your house now, he is waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge. That's where all our pets go when they die. It's a very beautiful place and they all have fun there.

One day you will see Lucky again. He can't wait to meet up with you.

A big purrrrr for you Seja,


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