Little miracle

by Teresa

My BooBoo was born on Dec 9th 2005. His mom was hit by a car when he was a couple weeks old.

He was born with some bone issues. The breeder said that he was probably going to die so we should let him go. I wouldn't do that. I asked if I could take him and care for him. The breeder said I could if I want to, but I'd just have to let him go eventually because he had crooked feet, his tail was stiff and there could be more issues and it's not worth trying to keep him.

I kept him and feed him with a bottle. I carried him around in my blouses and shirts to keep him warm. I took him with me with my kids. Now 12 yrs and 11 months later my baby has left me. He left me brokenhearted.

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Nov 13, 2018
by: Sandra

Theresa, your little miracle was truly a miracle! He was a kitty that was supposed to die and didn't because of all the love and care you gave him.

I know your heart is broken and it will continue to hurt for a long time. In fact, part of you will hurt forever about BooBoo... but at the same time, you will come to understand what a true miracle your relationship with this special cat really was, and your heart will burst with love for him.

BooBoo will live in your heart forever. True love can conquer all, and we know this because your kitty was with you for almost 13 years. If this isn't proof of the power of love, I don't know what is.

Bless your heart, Theresa. Thank you for sharing your story of BooBoo with us.


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