Letting Go ... February 7, 2011

by Kim Parker
(Parker's Barkers Dog Grooming)

Connected Souls

Connected Souls

Isaiah...Letting Go of Holding On

By Kim Parker on Friday, July 30, 2010 at 8:14pm.

I'm perched at my computer the morning chores are done,
You're on the mat beside me my old grey feeble son.

Your belly's full and all peed out, you struggle for a spot.
Your hope for dreams and easy sleep today is not your lot.

I watch your side heave up and down, you labor for each breath.
I know the time is winding down...I'm waiting for your death!

You're now a ripe old fifteen years, a fact your Aunt assessed,
And when it came to finding laps, it was Sue's you liked the best!

We chose you from a blob of pups all clammering for a smooch,
You kissed me with your ' puppy breath '... I knew you were ' My Pooch '.

And as I type the thoughts come back all mixed and jumbled up,
I recollect a stunning, almost hellish little pup!

I think that when I got you, you were a bit too small,
Something that would irk me now, but back then not at all.

Your coat gleamed in the sunshine, the copper deep and rich,
But now your face and feet are white, your gait has quite a pitch.

You once could out chase anything while turning on a dime,
And now the steps are feeble, discomfort all the time.

You've always been the leader no matter the size of pack,
But now you're forced to give that up, the skill and strength you lack.

Amelia looks for you outside, to help her rule the bunch,
She's taken it all on for now... she gets it, is my hunch!

You put most days in sleeping, your jaunts outside are few,
You're with me everywhere I go, you stick to me like glue.

Your eyes have gone all cloudy, and your hearing not so good,
I'd fix it all my dear old friend, I only wish I could.

But I will not be sickened by the way your life is slowing,
I'll celebrate the time right now, although I know you're going.

You wheeze and cough and shake and sneeze and sometimes even fall,
And though this part is mighty tough, I'll be here for it all.

I've been so very fortunate to have you here to love,
You've always known the ' me ' inside, we fit like hand in glove!

So I watch and wait, and go each day with whatever you can give,
I know you struggle too my friend, you still do want to live.

I wonder if you'll be the one I find all quiet and still,
Or if like all the times before, I'll have to find the will.

I peer into your lovely eyes, and beg you just to say...
"I'm really spent and tired now, I think today's the day."

I've had the love of many dogs, they all have touched my heart,
But you and I... I feel are fused, so where I end you start.

I almost lost you once before, in the cold and still of night,
You screamed for me with all you had, just before you sank from sight.

Your Dad's strong arms reached down that night, and plucked you from the cold,
But this time 'Saiah' we can't reverse, that time has made you old.

So on we go with our routines, the same day after day,
Until we do it minus one, because you're on your way.

Run fast my boy and lead them all, the way you used to do,
And I will smile a thankful smile, cause I'll be right there with you.


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Jun 21, 2011
Letting Go
by: Anonymous

Letting go is always so hard. This personal heartfelt poem is touching and I thank you.

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