I Miss Gizmo

by Brenda
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Gizmo...15 years old

Gizmo...15 years old

June 25, 2010

Gizmo's in doggy heaven!

Gizmo was 'my buddy'. Even though he belonged to Mike and Joyce, I was his 'dogsitter' and I loved being with him.

I had been caring for and loving him since 1997. He was 15 years old and quite the happy and energetic 'puppy', until a spinal injury a year ago. Since then, he still tried hard to be the 'puppy' but it was just wasn't working for him.

I'll miss him so much. He was the best!


Thank you Brenda for your caring words about little Gizmo. Even though he was Joyce and Mike's pet, he obviously touched your heart in a profound way.

I remember that you often spoke of him fondly and with much love. He was your favorite...of that, I'm sure!

Bless your heart and Gizmo's too. He's running free now over the Rainbow Bridge...a ' puppy ' again!


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