From Gracie to Auntie "Sandrwa"

by Kim Parker

Proud Auntie Sandra

Proud Auntie Sandra

Yours were the first hands to touch me and send me messages of love, strength and comfort, while my mum drove the car.

You infused all I needed to get me where I was meant to go.

You helped my mum, you loved me, and I loved you.

I had five months of total committment and then... continued my journey across the Rainbow Bridge, carrying the warmth and tenderness of loving hands deeply embedded in my heart!

I will send you messages of love often, from soft brown eyes.....

Gracie Dane ( Chicken baby)

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Feb 08, 2010
Now Nala is Here !
by: Kim Parker

There's a little girl sitting under my chair.
It feels as if she has always been there.
She's been sent by an angel as a friend for me,
When another's time here just couldn't be.

When I first saw her face I saw yours too,
The connection was clear, I think we both knew.
You're both very different,and yet somehow the same.
I knew in an instant, the reason you came.

Our time my dear Gracie, just wasn't to last.
And I feared our connection to be in the past
But then, quite miraculously, Nala appeared,
And the fog I was working through suddenly cleared.

I often can't say why I do what I do.
I seem to keep going without much of a clue.
But one thread through my life has always remained,
It's purpose for me just can't be contained.

The sick ones I draw with incredible force.
It's been there for so long it's a matter of course.
I'm driven to learn the lessons of life.
Some easy, but mostly they're wrought with much strife.

And then with my Gracie the message was clear.
Give up the control and banish the fear.
For years I have struggled with wanting to lead.
She taught me with faith, there's really no need.

Be quiet and listen, let God be the guide.
Let Him do the driving and you take the ride.
The hassles diminish, you then claim the peace.
And the days full of gratitude greatly increase.

Now Nala is here to continue to show
That growth indeed happens, the minute I let go.
My passion with dogs has been no mistake.
The help that I give them, is all for my sake.

Life's journey can be a real challenge for some......
When the student is ready, the teacher will come!

Kim Parker..Feb 7, 2010

Nov 21, 2009
Proud to be Your Auntie
by: Sandra King

Gracie...remember when we brought you home? Just a handful of Dane, and not much more.

Remember ' the comb over '...when your ears were folding the ' wrong ' way over your pretty head?

Remember the ' play pen ' that Daddy made especially for you ?

Remember the ' special chair ' that Daddy made you so you could stand up to eat? Didn't really work so well, but Daddy loved you so he gave it his best shot!

Remember how your Mum would hold you over her shoulder, just like a baby, to get the burp so you wouldn't choke.

Remember the delicious egg and kefir...yum!? You couldn't get enough!

Remember playing with the other dogs all summer long?

Remember how Faith, your Big Sister, took you under her wing? It takes a Dane to know a Dane!

Remember Liam, your nutty little brother? Boy dogs...who knows what goes on in their heads?

We're all waiting to be with you again, Gracie. We all love you so much.

Love you forever,
Auntie Sandra

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