Don't Know Where to Start
Dog Food Comparisons?

Do you need help with dog food comparisons? Don't know one brand name from another and don't know where to start?

What you don't know about dog food ingredients could be seriously harming your pet. How do you sort out all this information? Who do you believe? Who can you really trust?

Who Can You Trust
Help You Find the Best Dog Food

  • Can you trust the ads on TV?
  • Can you trust your friend's advice?
  • Can you trust the staff at the pet food store?
  • Can you trust your vet? I thought he was a doctor? What's he doing in the dog food business anyway? Does this mean he has a vested interest in selling you his own pet food?

You Must Learn to Compare Dog Food Brands
Find the Best Dog Food

I don't want to take on the job of getting all the information on:

  • dog food reviews
  • dog food comparisons
  • dog food ratings
  • dog food ingredients
  • dog food recall

That's way too much work for me! So let me make it easy for you. Here, you can get all of the information you need to make the best choice based on an informed decision and find out the truth.

Did you know there are over 2,000 different dog food brands on the market in the USA and Canada?

  • Do you know which ones contain contaminated ingredients from China?
  • Do you know which ones contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer and other serious illnesses?
  • Do you know which ones are made from the meat of diseased, drugged, and euthanized animals such as the cats and dogs that were once our pets?
  • Do you know which dog food brands have recalls and law suits against them?

No, you don't, because you absolutely cannot tell from looking at the bag, which is the best dog food. Pet food manufacturers are legally allowed to lie to you. You will have no idea which ones use human grade dog food ingredients, and which ones use pet grade food ingredients.

Why is there a difference in the quality grade of ingredients anyway?

Dog Food Comparisons
Dog Food Reviews You Can Trust

Wouldn't it be nice to have access to:

  • information about 2,200 different dog foods, cat foods, and pet treats.
  • information the pet food label does not provide.
  • risky ingredients information
  • country of origin
  • grade or quality of meat ingredients
  • health promoting ingredients
  • controversial ingredients
  • dog food recall history

...and more.

In just a few minutes you can be looking at over 2,200 dog food reviews to help you make your decision.

I know you will make an excellent choice for your dog now that you are armed with excellent information from sources you can trust.

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