Why Natural Dog Food is The Basis of good Health

The topic of natural dog food is worthy of discussion. Good nutrition is the most important factor in achieving and maintaining good health for your dog. So how do we decide what is the best way to feed our dogs? Every time you turn the TV on or talk to your veterinarian, or do research on the internet about the best dog food, you come away more confused than when you started. There are as many different opinions on feeding dogs, as there are dogs on the face of the earth. Everybody these days, is an expert. I am no different, but I hope I can help you see my reasoning.

The dog food recall scandals of the last decade or so, have brought this to the forefront of the news media but, I'm not going to go into all of that. It's been done already. Be aware however, that pet food recalls are still happening today.

Where does the  Best Natural Dog Food come from?

I believe there is no such thing as a perfect, commercially prepared, dog food. Mother Nature knows best. She is the only one who can provide really natural dog food. In the wild, healthy dog food would be completely raw, freshly killed prey, usually a large hoofed animal such as a deer, but sometimes a smaller animal such as a rabbit, bird or rodent.

Although this may not appeal to you, the fact is that dogs are carnivores. That means that they are by nature, meat eaters, like this wild coyote in the picture. Wolves and dogs and all of their canine kin, have being eating this raw food diet for over 50 million years. That's a mighty long time. Far longer than the 100 years or so, that commercial dog food and kibble have been around. 

So, to make a long story short, the closer the food is to it's natural state, the better it will be for your dog. This is how wild dogs stay healthy. They eat the food that Mother Nature provides for them. That food helps them maintain a balanced state of health called homeostasis.

Many people believe that dogs are Omnivores, and are able to eat many different kinds of food besides a meat based diet. Over the last 14,000 to 35,000 years dogs have evolved living close to human populations and their garbage dumps. There are many studies to support the idea that dogs now, as a result of this close contact with humans and our food, have a different DNA structure than wolves, and are able to eat and assimilate foods other than a meat based diet. But if that is the case, why then, are there so many sick dogs.

It seems to me, that all you have to do is take a look around. How many dogs do you see that are suffering from a myriad of dog health problems. Perhaps you landed on this website because you were looking for an answer to a canine health issue? Just because dogs will eat everything but the kitchen sink, doesn't mean that will produce a healthy dog.

So just because dogs may be able to eat foods other than meat, bones and organs and survive, that does not necessarily mean that they will THRIVE! The bottom line is that if the ageless, timeless, lifestyle way of eating provided by Mother Nature is the main basis for the diet, good health will follow. Does that make sense to you?

Meat, bones and organs are natural food for dogs

How to choose Healthy Dog Food?

So, realizing that dogs will thrive on a meat based diet, and without getting into the carnivore/omnivore controversy, how can we answer these common questions about feeding dogs?

  • How can we provide the best nutrition possible for our dogs the most cost efficient way?
  • How can we provide good natural dog food that will conveniently fit it into our busy lifestyles.
  • Will my dog like this new better quality food? Heaven forbid he won't like it.

Taking your own personal lifestyle and financial capabilities into account, and hoping that you have an interest in improving the quality of food you serve your dog, here are some natural dog food options I would like to offer you. These naturally good dog food options will build and sustain a healthy dog.

High Quality Premium Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food

Raw Dog Food

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