Chowder, a dog like no other

by Molly Spicer

Chowder was with us for 6 long years but he never ate much. One day we took him to the vet because around his stomach he looked bloated. It turned out that Chowder had liver cancer. The cancer was half the size of him by the time we took him for his check-up. When we took him, we did not realize that it would be time to say our final good-byes. We decided to put Chowder down because he was suffering and he could not walk. He wasn't eating anything and he was always dehydrated. In fact, he was so dehydrated that his tongue and gums were white! Chowder died on October 21, 2010. Farewell buddy, you truly were the greatest dog ever.

Chowder, January 18, 2004- October 21, 2010


Thank you for sharing your love for Chowder with us all.

Gosh...our pets bring us so much joy, and also so much sorrow when they pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

Wasn't Chowder just the cutest little dog ever?!

You can look at his pictures and remember always, how loved he was...and one day you will meet him again.

Thanks so much for these wonderful pictures.

Bless you and Chowder too.


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