Bleu Boy Tallant

by Keneth & Yvonne Tallant
(Woodland Al)

Bleu Boy had the most kindest heart ever.

He always watched over his family and kept us safe.

Bleu went around our neighborhood and visited with all of the dogs that where chained or penned up.

Bleu was a working dog. Always when we were outside working he would tote our tools and wood etc.

Bleu was a real lover. He showed his love through his eyes and you could feel the good in his heart.

Bleu loved our red truck and the four wheeler. He really believed they were his things. We gave him an old recliner and put it on our porch. Man did he ever love that old chair.

We will always miss and love you Bleu. To this day it's so hard to do anything because he was always with us. Until we meet again Bleu, my heart will always hurt that you are not here with us.

Bleu Boy Tallant turned three years old along with Alice Bug Tallant his twin sister, who is taking you going away real hard too.

April 14 2013 they both turned 3 yrs old. On Sunday April 21 2013 Bleu was hit by a truck on our road.

RIP Bleu Boy Tallant. We love and miss you more than words.

Bleu you where the best friend I ever had.


Dear Keneth and Yvonne,

Thank you so much for sharing Bleu's story. The loss of a beloved dog leaves a hole in your heart the size of a truck!

Bleu's picture reminds me so much of a dog I once had called Rosie. She was a Blue Tick Coonhound crossed with English Setter. She was the sister of my boy Jack, the dog you see on the homepage of my website. Jack has more of the Setter in him, but my sweet Rosie was all Blue Tick Counhound. What Girl! It has been 7 years now since she left me and I still miss her.

In time your heart will heal but you will never forget your Bleu.

R I P Bleu Boy Tallant! Your memory lives on!


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Feb 16, 2015
by: Sandra

Hello Kenneth and Yvonne!

I love that you celebrate the lives of BleuBoy and AliceBug!

Grilling for the dogs too. Now that's my idea of a good time! A party for all in celebration of those two wonderful dogs.

I sure hope your furbabies will be safer now that you're off the busy road. Too many losses! Too many wonderful canine lives lost. Don't we miss them forever, but we can celebrate our memory of them. We never lose that.

I sure wish I could join you for the party! Think of me. I will be with you all in spirit!

There is much love for you here, Kenneth and Yvonne. Bless you too BleuBoy Tallant!

Check my website homepage. You will see Bleu's picture there.


Feb 15, 2015
Bleuboy Tallant
by: Kenneth & Yvonne Tallant

Thank you Ms. Sandra for your kind words about Bleuboy.

Their birthday is coming up in April, we will throw Alicebug a party like we do each and every year. Ken will grill out for all of our babies. we have five now.

We moved and loss Sugar about three months ago, almost loss Hula. Hula is Alicebug and Bleuboy's mother.We thought if we move the rest of our babies would be safe, getting away from that fast road, that we loss four babies on.

Getting back to Bleuboy, we are thankful for the special time that we had with him. He did have the most special heart that I have ever seen a dog (baby) to have. He always worried about all of our babies, guess he (Bleuboy)thought he had to take care and watch over all of them, even our two cats. Whitecat and Ace, Whitecat is deaf, Bleuboy was always with him outside and when they where together inside, they would always sleep together, man did he ever love that cat.

Bleuboy, we want wish you a Happy Birthday, we know in our hearts that you are happy, running and playing with other people's babies. We also know that he is watching them just like he did with our family.

Him and Alicebug will be 5 years old on April 14, Bleuboy there is not a day goes by that you aren't thought of. We miss you more than I could ever say. Bleuboy you always be missed and I love you still til this day.

Love you always and Happy Birthday to you, until we meet at The Rainbow Bridge to Heaven.
Love mama.

Mar 30, 2014
Our special furbabies
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your story about Bleu Boy. I know he was more than just a dog to you. He was family, your child.

I sure do miss my cat, Peppers. She was my child. She was sometimes my nurturer. She knew just when I needed her. She will always be my special kitty.


Isn't that the truth!

Sometimes we are the giver of the love and nurturing...and sometimes we are the receiver of those same things.

That is the special gift our pets bring to us, and we to them. How wonderful is that!


Mar 29, 2014
Bleuboy's Birthday
by: Yvonne Tallant

April 21 is coming up. This is the day we lost our wonderful boy. We still miss Bleuboy more than words can say.

April 14 is Bleuboy and his twin sister Alicebug's birthday. They will be 4 yrs old. We always grilled out for them and had a birthday party for them and they both loved it. But this year we will not do this because Alicebug still misses him just like we do.

My heart will always be hurt that he left us so soon, but there had to be a reason for it. So Bleuboy Happy Birthday to you and we will never forget your kind heart and we will always love you. Your would be my boy and I miss you sleeping in our bed and taking care of everyone especially Alicebug and Whitecat.

Love you always and we will never forget you Bleu.

Love your Mama.


Hi Yvonne,

It will soon be Bleu and Alice's birthday.

Try to take that day to be grateful for the time you had together with Blue, and be grateful that you still have Alice with you.

I'm sure Bleu would love it if you grilled a real nice steak in honor of him on the 14th of April.

Try not to be too sad. Blue would want you to be happy.

He will love you forever too. Just the way that you love him.

Bless you.

Nov 29, 2013
Bleuboy Tallant Our Baby Boy!
by: Anonymous

Thank you MS.Sandra for your wonderful words.

Yes Bleu is always thought of, especially yesterday. Thanksgiving he always loved to help Kenneth smoke our turkey. He really loved grilling or cooking outside.

Bleu will always be loved and missed more than words could say. I still cry when I visit his grave. We have two crosses, one on his grave and the other on the road side where His accident happened.

Once again Bleu was my best friend ever. He had the best heart that you would ever meet.

RIP Bleu Boy Tallant. 4/21/2013, we will always love you.


Gosh Yvonne,

Love just never goes away does it...and we wouldn't want it to. I still think of my lost pets and mourn them just the same. I still love them as much as always. That never changes.

Bleu's birthday is coming up soon. You could grill him a nice steak in his memory! I'm sure he would love that. He'll be watching you know! He'll be wishing he was still with you too.

Nov 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

The story touched my heart and made me cry. You can see the love in Bleu's eyes.

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