Barcley My Boy!

by Billie Jo Wanink

Tomorrow it is two weeks since I lost my darling boy. How can one little puppy make such an impact on your life???
I didn't know it would be this hard. I have loved reading all your comments and it is very comforting to know so
many others feel as I do.

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Apr 11, 2021
33 Days Without Barcley
by: Sandra

All too well, I know the sound of silence, Billie Jo.

Animals have a living presence and spirit that fills the house and the world. When it's gone, you have to close your eyes in the silence to feel the beloved's presence again. It's still there, you can feel it, hear it and even see it if you can relax into the silence.

When you're alone, sit quietly. Try to turn your mind and your sorrow off for a few minutes. Close your eyes and and see Barcley. He will come to you.

See him, feel him, smell him...use all your senses.

His love for you is always there. Your heart beats with his heart beat. Feel it.

There is much love for you here. XXX

Apr 10, 2021
33 days gone is my Barcley boy!
by: Billie Jo

I talk about my boy to everyone I'm with.
My friends have been so understanding and supportive.

Barcley knew everyone on South Lake and many on North Lake too.

I figured out I lived longer with Barcley then anyone else including my parents!

The sound of silence in the house is deafening.
Best pet ever!!!

Mar 25, 2021
Reply to ' Barcley My Boy '
by: Sandra

Time passes, Billie Jo.

Hearts heal, but that doesn't mean that you will ever forget your darling Barcley. He will live in your heart forever. Sometimes you will feel the sadness of losing him and other times your heart will burst with love for him.

It is hard to lose a beloved pet. That term..." It's only a dog ", is so meaningless. The words are so empty. Anyone who's ever lost a treasured pet knows that the pet is worth everything, and everything is lost with the loss of the pet. The hurt and sadness is overwhelming in it's magnitude.

We carry on of course, and time heals as I say, and the love remains while the loss recedes slowly as time passes.

Two weeks have passed since Barcley left you. Where does the time go? All those precious years spent with Barcley sound like a long time, but seems like a short time now, doesn't it.

Bless you, Billie Jo.


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