Allergic to Everything and Diagnosed with IBD

by Amy
(Mississippi )

I have a three year old chihuahua that has been tested for allergies and shows that she is allergic to all proteins. White fish is the lowest on her allergy scale.

She is highly allergic to flaxseed which is in most dog foods.

She was also diagnosed just recently with IBD after she began vomiting on and off and refused to eat the food she had been eating.

She received an endoscopy and biopsy. She was placed on steroids for the IBD.

It was suggested she eat hydrolyzed protein foods, but she won’t. She refuses it.

So I have gone back to her Salmon dog food from Identity which has no flaxseed that she was eating before her IBD diagnosis.

She was eating rabbit at the time of her diagnosis. She now shows she is allergic to rabbit. She is allergic to venison and duck and kangaroo.

So all the Novel proteins she needs to eat for IBD are high on her allergy list.

I am at a loss. She is not much improved at all.

Any suggestions when she is allergic to the foods that should help her?

Thank you!!

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Nov 10, 2021
Dog Allergic to Everything Has IBD
by: Sandra

Hello Amy,

The first thing I'd like to say, is that if your dog has IBD, that is the source of your allergy problems....leaky gut, in other words.

There could be many reasons why your dog has IBD and you can find those reasons on the page link included here.

So, the answer to your question does not really lie in what you're feeding, but more with what you've been doing.

Repair the gut lining tissue, by eliminating those irritating factors, and restore the healthy functioning of the gut microbiome where 70 % of your dog's immune system resides...and I'll bet most of your dog's allergy responses will disappear.

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