Born to Be
A Naturally Healthy Dog

Your best friend was born to be a healthy dog. It is his birthright to live a happy, healthy, stress free life. It is your job as his caregiver, to make sure that happens. 

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Mother Nature is always working to restore and maintain, a state of homeostasis. This means a state of balance in all things. Here is the definition of homeostasis as it applies to health.

  • Health is a condition where all the tissues and organ systems of the body are functioning in a normal manner.
  • Disease is a lack of normal functioning in any body tissue, organ or organ system of the body.

Homeostasis is the true nature of life, whether it be your dog's state of health, or the state of the world and the environment in which we all live. The Universe strives for balance in all things. It has been my observation, that as humans, we are constantly messing things up. We are fortunate that Mother Nature is forgiving. She is always working to make things right. She is always striving for balance.

Your dog's body cannot and does not, exist in separate pieces. Your dog is the whole of his body, mind and spirit. The same as you!  Knowing this, I'm sure we all want to live the happiest, healthiest lives we can, while we have the opportunity. So does your dog, but his life is in your hands. You are his caregiver. You are the source of all things. On you, he places his trust.

Holistic Care For Your Healthy Dog
It's a Process... Not a Pill!

Starting with puppy health, the holistic approach to natural dog health, seeks to restore the original good health your dog was born to enjoy. If restoring and maintaining good canine health were as simple as taking a drug or a pill, no dog would be ill. Every dog would be a healthy dog! To live in a state of homeostasis, balance in other words, a healthy dog needs...

  • Nutrients
  • Clean water
  • Exercise
  • Fresh air and sunlight
  • Love and a purpose for living

If your dog is deficient in any or all of these things, dog health issues can potentially arise. Dog health problems are a result of only three things...

  1. Injury
  2. Toxicity
  3. Deficiency

Like all of us, as dogs age, cellular dysfunction happens slowly. Often we do not notice the signs. Dog health symptoms indicate a loss of health. By the time we finally notice, it is often too late. Prevention is easier than cure! By being observant and paying attention, we can see that all symptoms are clues.  The outward symptoms your dog is exhibiting, will lead us to the root of the real dog health problem lurking inside your dog's body.

One of the biggest problems with traditional veterinary dog health care is that it often treats only the symptom of the disease. The outward sign, in other words. But the root cause, the imbalance happening on the inside, the origin of the illness, goes unnoticed, and therefore remains untreated.

Very often someone will contact me with a question as it regards their pet's health. Here's an example of what I mean. The person tells me that their dog has anal gland problems that have not been resolved with medication and the addition of more fiber. Then, after a few more questions I find out the dog has had a history of dog diarrhea. So you see what I mean? The problem started before the anal gland problem and the diarrhea.  The problem is rooted deeper in the dog's digestive system.

Almost always, most common dog health issues and others, can be corrected naturally with...

  • healthier, more natural dog food providing better dog nutrition.
  • nutritional health supplements  targeted toward the specific health issue
  • daily exercise and sunlight is very important to keep the body functioning optimally
  • a clean living environment
  • pure water to drink
  • a comfy place to sleep.

Organ Systems
How Canine Body  Ecology Works

We can use the organ systems approach to find the root cause of disease.  All organ systems are connected  This complex network of organs and organ systems, all work together to maintain good health. Homeostasis, in other words. If there is something wrong anywhere in the network, that will affect some other part of the system.

Each organ and body system, has a specialized and unique job to do. Each organ system is related to, and dependent upon, all other organ systems. This is where good health starts and where good health is maintained. If there is something wrong within one organ or organ system, this will have an effect on other connected systems, and ultimately impact the health of the whole body.

Healthy Rainforest Ecology
Healthy Canine Body Ecology

Think of your dog's body, in the same way that you would think of the rainforests. We all know that protecting the health of our rainforests is important. A healthy, properly functioning rainforest ecology is critical to the health of our whole, world environment.

So likewise, all the functioning parts of your dogs body, down to even the smallest hair or cell, has it's own particular environmental ecology known as a biome. Each particular biome is critical to the healthy functioning of the whole dog. No part can be left out.

You can learn more about the body biomes ( the whole body ) and all the microbiomes or organ systems  that make up your dog's body. It is in our power to make sure we have naturally healthy dogs. The key is to restore and maintain balance, homeostasis, the way Mother Nature intends.

Let's unravel the mystery, shall we?

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