Where Do I Start?

by Alyssa
(Pittsburgh, PA)

My dog has gone on a downward spiral since our vet told us to switch from a grain free food, to one with grains.

He has gone from a healthy dog to having multiple health issues.

His paws are a mess. Full of sores that break open and bleed. He has had multiple courses of antibiotics, cytopoint injections, etc. He has developed joint pains and lumps off/on. He had a mast cell tumor removed a couple weeks ago.

He is a six year old boxer that acts like he is 10. Low energy...just sick!

I need to figure out what to do to get my dog back!

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Oct 18, 2020
Help to Get Your Dog Back to Health
by: Sandra

Hello Alyssa,

Thanks for your query.

So, having read through your submission, the thing that stands out loud and clear to me, is that your dog is extremely toxic.

Think back to when it all started and then try to see all the things that have happened since, and all the things that have been done for that, to no avail it seems...no good result. In fact your dog is worse. Would that be your observation?

So, the obvious solution here is to stop giving your dog all these drugs which simply add to his toxic load. Simply reverse course and do nothing instead. Feed your dog an appropriate diet ( raw or home cooked is always best ) and let the poor thing heal on his own without interference from toxic drugs, vaccines and pest control chemicals.

Yes, he will suffer until he recovers, but he's suffering now anyway, isn't he? Recovery will not be quick, but it is possible, if you help him heal on his own without interference.

I will send you a quick email to see if you need more help.


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