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Hi Sandra,

My Shi-poo had a bout of allergies last fall and scratched some of his hair out and had a few hot spots.

About 4 weeks ago he started again, this time so much worse than before, he has taken most of his hair out under his belly and chest and sides.

I just had him shaved. He has sores on his eyes, ears, feet and his skin is in terrible shape.

I was giving him allergy meds and putting all natural, tea tree hot spot spray on and he is no better, what can I do to help him short term before I fix the long term?

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Sep 13, 2019
Your Little Shi-Poo With Dog Allergy Symptoms
by: Sandra

Hi Esther,

Certainly looks like your little dog is having a rough time with allergies, and no doubt an underlying yeast infection, which is probably the source of the whole problem.

In the short term, I would keep his sores clean and soothe them with a simple saline solution using a good unbleached Sea Salt, such as Himalayan ( pink ) or Celtic ( grey ). Mix a 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt with 1 cup of filtered water. Use a cotton ball soaked in saline to wipe his eyes and ears, feet and anywhere else that's raw, oozing or itchy.

Forget the all natural sprays and topical products with tea tree oil, which is really too irritating for a dog suffering from this type of skin inflammation.

You mentioned that you've been giving your dog allergy ' meds ', but you didn't say what they were? This is probably the reason why he is worse this year, and this topic might need a more in depth conversation.

So if you want more help, contact me here.

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