Sensitive Collie with Allergies

by Tara
(St.Albert, AB, Canada)

Our 1.5 year old rough collie has symptoms of the occasional runny nose (clear), face looks puffy or distressed, eyes occasionally have discharge which I end up using a drop from the vet to clear up.

He wanders around seeming like an adult with allergies.

I switched him from kibble to a raw beef frozen duck diet, but I have been exploring the idea of cooking him meals the way we do for ourselves through batch cooking and freezing.

I have a sense that he is not getting what he needs from the frozen raw and I find it difficult for travel.

We are flexitarian and I find it odd to be buying all of this meat for my dog when I am basically vegan except for the odd fish here and there.

I don't think our dog drinks enough water. I can't figure it out, and am unsure how much a dog should consume. I just don't see him drink very often.

He is 53.6 pounds.

His coat is always matted, even if I spend hours a week grooming him. He just looks like he feels yuck, and I am determined to help him.

He was raised on raw from a pup and his sister has sensitivities to chicken.

Do I need to give him a supplement?

It all seems so strange that a dog cannot be fed the way I feed myself. I am so confused. Most information and vets that I come across all seem to say to buy some processed, outsourced item and that then and only then, the dog might be okay.

If people can be trusted to feed themselves, why can't we be trusted to feed dogs a whole food diet?

Please help!

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Jun 30, 2020
Your Collie with Allergies
by: Sandra

Hello Tara,

It sounds to me as though your Collie has an upper respiratory issue, that could be allergy related or not, but let's assume that it is.

It certainly sounds as if your dog's diet is not meeting his nutritional needs, based on your description of the condition of his coat. Rough Collies should have a thick luxurious coat!

Just because your dog is on a raw frozen blend, doesn't mean that particular blend is a good one and nutritionally complete. Since you didn't mention the brand I can't give it a look see.

Dogs that are fed a raw diet, typically don't drink very much water at all, because the water is contained within the food. Our bodies are about 70% water, and that means the raw meat diet is too. So your dog has absorbed moisture from the food, and doesn't require water from the bowl.

Cooking for your dog is an OK idea if you want to do that, but it's important to know and understand that dogs are not the same species as humans and so, most of their nutritional needs must be met from eating a whole food, meat based diet, whether you prefer a plant based diet for yourself, or not.

It made me chuckle a bit when you stated that people can be trusted to feed themselves. Trust me...many humans cannot be trusted to feed themselves properly, and so then you have to wonder...if they can't feed themselves properly, why should they be trusted to feed the dog properly? Dogs don't have a choice. They have to eat what they're given...good or bad!

If you want more help with your dog's diet Tara, I'm happy to help you. Please use the ' contact me form ' on this website.


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