Lifelong Dog Allergy Due to Vacination

by Jineen Walker
(Rutland, MA U.S.A.)

Is it true that a dog can develop an allergy to beef, beef dairy and/or chicken due to vaccinations they received as puppies?

Is there an accurate, reliable test to prove the allergy or elimination diet?

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Sep 26, 2021
Protein allergies
by: dobermann lady

If a dog is allergic to a protein it is my understanding the liver needs support.
Ancestral Supplements is helping my dog.


Hello Doberman Lady,

Since the liver is responsible for filtering blood coming from the digestive tract, supporting the liver to do it's job more efficiently, will in turn, help the immune system to function more optimally.

Supporting the liver is one of the most important things you can do to help your dog ( or yourself ) get healthier and stay that way.

Good job!


Jun 30, 2021
Dog Allergies and Vaccinations
by: Sandra

Hello Jineen,

I'm not aware of any test to actually prove that vaccinations were the cause of allergies or anything else.


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