cocker spaniel puppy with severe allergies.

by Chris
(Corona, CA)

My wife and I just brought home an American Cocker Spaniel Puppy, 11 weeks old.

About a week after he arrived, he began itching severely with red, inflamed ears, paws, and skin.

He whimpers and cries constantly.

We've tried Benedryl, went to the vet, who instructed us to change laundry detergents, keep him away from the grass, etc, but to use.

We feed him Farmer's Dog specially formulated fresh food, chicken, beef, and pork. I began him on Zesty Paws Advanced Aller-Immune Bites 3 days ago.

Per your advice, this might be a microbiome issue. so, hopefully, the probiotics will help... not sure... very frustrating. What do you suggest.


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Feb 18, 2021
Your Cocker Spaniel Puppy's Immune Response
by: Sandra

Hello Chris,

Lucky you to have such a sweet Cocker Spaniel pup. I'm envious. Love Spaniels!

No doubt your vet would disagree with me, but here's what my 25 years of experience has taught me. Your puppy is experiencing a hyperactive immune response as a result of his puppy vaccinations.

Puppies that young do not have fully functional immune systems. So when vaccinated so young, it simply sends their immature immune system into hyper-drive. Not every puppy will experience this, but many do. 70% of the immune system resides within the gut microbiome.

I can't tell you what to do, but I would be careful about more vaccines until your pup gets over his present problem.

I would continue to feed the Farmer's Dog fresh food.

If your puppy were living in my house, I would simply do nothing and wait for him to get over it. That could take a few months. Anything you give him now to suppress the symptoms ( Benedryl ) that are making him so miserable, will only make the situation last longer.

So, yes, he is suffering now, but he will get better more quickly if you don't interfere. His immune system will mature as he ages if you feed him appropriately and help him with his Zesty Paws Immune Bites.

Hope that helps a bit. I know you don't want to see your little pup suffer, but I think he will improve in the next few months.

I wish you well,

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