Cane Corso With Constant Licking of Paws and Severe Ear Infections

by Jade

My Cane Corso has had constant back to back ear infections. The culprit is yeast.

We have determined one of the causes is chicken so we have cut that from her diet and she is now on grain free salmon diet. It worked for awhile, and now we are back to ear infections.

The vet just prescribes a medicine for the allergies and treats the ears but I would like to find the root cause of the issue.

Although she is on a salmon based diet sometimes she sneaks downstairs and eats the cats chicken based food. So I'm wondering if it's salmon she is also allergic to, or it is just the chicken allergy from eating the cat food

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Jun 14, 2020
Help for Your Cane Corso with Allergies
by: Sandra

Hi Jade,

It's not the chicken, or the salmon.

Your dog is having a immune system over response to these proteins because of something else that has upset her gut microbiome. Very likely antibiotics, vaccines and/or other drugs or pest preventative chemicals.

All of these things can and do...upset the delicate microbial balance that makes up most of her immune system. Think back, and see if you can remember when she had any or all of these things.

So, the end result is a imbalance in the intestinal system, which causes a confused immune response to proteins, and will allow the yeast fungi to proliferate and grow.

The only way to correct this is to NOT do the things that caused it, and at the same time, work to correct the imbalance of microbes by not feeding the yeast with carbohydrate foods. Carbs are foods that convert to sugars in the digestive tract. Yeast loves them!

So review your food ingredients for carbohydrates ( grains/starches/fruits/veg ), and if you are giving her treats, make sure sure they are dehydrated meat treats only.

These tips will help her, but it's important for you to understand that the problem will likely not go away quickly. You will need to work on it over time, be patient, and stop doing the things that caused it in the first place.

Hope that helps,

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