Brewers yeast

by Tom

So my dog was diagnosed by the vet as having an allergy to brewers yeast.

He’s currently fed Orijen all original, with a PURINA probiotic added.

He’s very itchy, his ears constantly have yeast.

I’m at my wits end, my vet has been all but helpful.

Any recommendations?

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Jan 10, 2024
Your Question About Brewers Yeast
by: Sandra

Hello Tom,

Well you haven't given me much information about your dog so it will be hard to answer your question, but I will just give you the first thoughts that come to my mind.

Are you giving him Brewer's Yeast as an added supplement? If so, why would you think he'd need it? Not sure if brewer's yeast is an ingredient in your Orijen food, or not. Orijen is a premium dog food.

It would be my thought that your dog has itchy, yeasty ears for more reasons than just an allergy to brewer's yeast.

Those reasons could be, other foods in his diet, vaccinations, drugs that he's been on in order to deal with his health issues, and chemical pesticide flea/tick/heartworm control products, if you use them?

All of the things I mentioned can disrupt the gut microbiome causing immune system response problems.

Ear problems in dogs are almost always rooted in a deeper internal imbalance.


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