Anal Glands & Allergies

by Carly Read

My 5yr old working Cocker suffers from a number of allergies, environmental and food.

He's is itchy but not too major hot spots really.

The one thing I can't seem to solve is anal glands. He doesn't seem to express well or at all. He chews the base of his tail and scoots quite a lot. Can you help?

He is raw fed, meat only as we know he is allergic to yeast but he probably manages to eat a bit of horse feed and poo most days!

He has duck, rabbit and is about to start some venison. Chicken and pork seem to cause flare ups. I am now also avoiding beef.


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Aug 06, 2020
Your Working Cocker with Anal Gland Problems
by: Sandra

Hello Carly,

Thanks for getting in touch. I think your Cocker's anal gland problem can be sorted out.

You say your dog is raw fed meat only. So my big question is...where is the bone? Is your dog getting any bone with the meat, or otherwise?

Bone is the natural source of fiber in a raw diet. So it must be there in order for your dog's digestion/elimination function to work properly.

Just feed him whatever protein source he tolerates, but make sure he's getting bone and organs, too.

If the waste contains bone fiber, the poop will be firm-ish enough to put pressure on the anal glands to express some fluid each time your dog defecates.

If you have more questions or need more guidance please contact me here.


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