Allergy to Everything!

by Tara
(Toronto Canada)

My 3 year old Golden Doodle petite seems to be allergic to every meat I have given her.

I always have to stop feeding her something, to start something else, only to find she is reacting again.

I have stopped feeding her kibble with wheat, any dental sticks, I've stopped giving her baths even with hypo allergenic shampoo ( or even straight water) because within 24 hours she is a basket case running around scratching and biting.

I usually end up giving her children's Benedryl, just to get us all to sleep for a couple of hours.

She had an awful reaction to Advantix flea and tick and ended up with a horrible rash on her belly.

Now the vet has her on a hypo allergenic kibble, but she's barely eaten any of it in a week and I think the chicken in it is keeping her itching anyways.

It's been impossible to try to figure out what she's allergic to, and I feel helpless! I am staring to think this is way more then just a specific allergy to an animal protein.

I would give anything to help her and figure this out, so she can enjoy a good quality of life and love to eat again!

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Nov 19, 2020
by: Mandeep

My dog too going through same problem
He is boxer breed 1 year old
I too have tried different meat still unable to find which causing him problem
He is on raw diet from last 6 months

Oct 10, 2020
Goldendoodle Allergic to Everything
by: Sandra

Hello Tara,

You are absolutely correct when you say that you are " starting to think this is way more than just a specific allergy to animal protein ".

It surely is, and here's why...

You don't mention how long your Golden Doodle has been having this extreme ' allergic ' reaction to everything, but I have seen this problem countless, hundreds and hundreds of times throughout the years.

It started when your dog was a pup and received her puppy vacs. This over stimulated her immature immune system, causing it to react to proteins that she wouldn't normally react to ( meat protein). Then is further exacerbated by toxin overload from chemical pesticide flea/tick heartworm products, processed foods, shampoos, drugs and perhaps even further vacs? The problem has escalated over her short three year life, until now...she is miserable and so are you.

This is not your fault, but it is truly a shame.

The good news is, you can help your dog. I'm not saying it will be easy, and I'm not saying it will be quick, but you can do it, if you commit yourself to helping her.

I will contact you by email, so we can chat further, if you would like to.


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