All of the above!

by Jennie
(Brookhaven Pa.)

It sounds like you are writing about my dog Gracie.

I'm trying really hard to help her.

I was just discussing today about rotating her food.

I had a hair allergy test done and she's reactive to a lot. Are these tests helpful or reliable?

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Feb 19, 2020
Replying to your query about allergy testing.
by: Sandra

Hi there!

I'm not quite sure if you're talking about testing for food and environment sensitivities, or whether you're talking about nutrient deficiency testing?

Either way, a diet that includes rotating protein sources and other ingredients is always a good thing because it exposes the dog to more and different proteins, thereby preventing sensitivities... but it also will provide more and different nutrients from which your dog can only benefit.

Hope that helps, a bit!


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