6 Year Old GSD Bleeds From Nose

by Swapnil


My GSD bleeds from the nose on monthly basis.

Went to vet, and he said it's common, but we are worried. Also, he's got hot spot on his leg which he goes on scratching.

We had given him fish and chicken along with wheat porridge from one year.

It has been observed that if we stop giving non veg, our dog stop getting those bleeding episodes.

Please help.

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Nov 20, 2020
GSD Bleeding From Nose
by: Sandra


First of all, it is NEVER normal for a dog to bleed from the nose. The first thing to do would be to find another vet who can help you.

Nose bleeds could indicate an infection or even something more serious such as a tumour.

Don't fool around. Find a better vet.

In the mean time, I would take your dog off of ' wheat porridge '. Wheat is not good for anyone and especially not dogs.

If your dog has hot spots, that comes as no surprise to me if you are feeding him inappropriate foods such as wheat.

There is nothing wrong with chicken or fish. Dogs thrive on a meat/bones/organs diet with a few simple leafy green vegetables if you want to.


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