Dog Vaccinations.

A Very Serious Subject!

Vaccinations...Yes or No!

The topic of dog vaccinations is a real can of worms. There are good arguments for, and against this practice. Common opinion holds that vaccines are harmless. That wisdom is rarely questioned. In fact it is seen as a greater guarantee of good health.

Are Vaccines Harmful?

Consider the possibility that dog vaccinations in the long run, do more harm than good. The more vaccines you inject into the animals body, the more of them the immune system must fight.

Even some holistic veterinarians are saying that vaccinations are the leading killer of dogs and cats today. All dogs however, must be given the rabies vaccine. This is the law.

In the Beginning

Dog vaccinations are given at varying intervals when the animal is young, and then yearly after that. Over your dog’s lifetime, that is a lot of vaccinations.

In the first few weeks of life, puppies and kittens gain protection from disease, temporarily, from their mothers milk. This first milk is called (colostrum).

Many young puppies and kittens do not yet have a strong enough immune system to be able to produce the antibodies needed. Protection from the mothers milk can last ten weeks or longer.

Vaccinations given before this time are usually not effective anyway, since immunity from the mother fends off disease, and also blocks vaccines. The liver of this very small animal, is then left to filter out the toxic vaccine. So not one bit of good was done.

A healthy animal or person, with a good strong immune system, is more than capable of fighting off viruses and bacteria when exposed to them. This is what an immune system is supposed to do.

Vaccines...a Dubious History

Vaccines have a very questionable history. Dog vaccinations are given to build up antibodies, in case the animal is exposed to the virus or bacteria later. What if your dog is never exposed?

An older dog, a sick dog, or a dog on drugs, already has a stressed immune system. Why put this dog under more stress? If you feel you must give your dog vaccinations, please wait until your dog is healthy again.

There are simply too many adverse reactions.

Don't Try to Fool Mother Nature

Canine vaccinations are intended to boost the immune system. Since a healthy body is the proper functioning of all its parts, it follows that if we stimulate one part, we will diminish another.

Maintaining a healthy balance of all body systems guarantees overall health. To target the immune system for boosting, will ultimately result in ill health somewhere down the line.

Cancer is a good example of this. Cancer very simply does not exist in an animal or person with a strong immune system, and overall good health.

If you choose to give your dog vaccinations, please support him. Do everything you can to strengthen his immune system, cleanse his liver, and educate yourself about how to do this.

Look for the Signs

Often I get a call from someone who says, " I don't think my dog is feeling very well. It seems like he might have a virus". His symptoms are usually, one or all of the following...

    ~ lack of appetite ( doesn't want his food )

    ~ lethargy ( just wants to lie around, no energy )

    ~ fever ( he feels hot )

    ~ seems to be stiff and sore in his joints when getting up

    ~ allergies

    ~ bleeding gums

    ~ seizures

Usually turns out that the dog has had vaccinations recently. Don't know for sure, but it seems suspicious to me.

Vaccines and Autoimmune Disease

Dog vaccinations may appear to prompt autoimmune disease. When an antigen is introduced to the body, it is possible that it might not nudge the immune system into making antibodies as it was intended to do.

Instead it might alter white or red blood cells. This in turn, might cause the immune system to not recognize it’s own cells. This sets the stage for autoimmune problems.

Below is a picture of my darling Rosie. See how sad she looks. This picture was taken in the last few months of her life. She wasn't feeling very well at all, because of her autoimmune problems stemming from vaccinations and other early health problems.

How Much...How Often?

Originally, vaccinations were intended to do good. Over the last few decades animal vaccines have become a multi- billion dollar industry. This is now big business like any other. Veterinarians, although they have the best of intentions, have shared in the profits.

What about annual re-vaccinations? What a great source of residual income. Nothing wrong with that, but, to what detriment?

Alas, unnecessary vaccines make our pets sick.

So, Now What?

Keep the use of vaccines to a bare minimum when your pet is young. Don’t repeat vaccinations at all, unless you absolutely can’t avoid it later on.

Strive for the best health you can give your dog naturally. Do this with excellent food and supplement daily. A dog in good health is such a powerful form of great energy. He will look good and feel good...and he will live a good long life.

Finally, search for a good holistic veterinarian in your area. They are out there. You might have to do a little work to find one. The results will be worth it.

I will leave you to make up your own mind.

Important things to remember.

    ~ It is possible that dog vaccinations do more harm than good.

    ~ A healthy immune system is capable of fighting off threats when exposed to them.

    ~ Vaccines have a questionable history.

    ~ An older, or sick dog already has a stressed immune system.

    ~ Only vaccinate a healthy animal.

    ~ Boosting the immune system with vaccines, creates an imbalance in another part of the body.

    ~ Autoimmune disease has been linked to vaccines.

    ~ There is big profit in the drug industry.

    ~ Find a holistic veterinarian.

Your choice now

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