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The Dog Nutrition Naturally Newsletter, Issue #3 - February 7, 2016
February 07, 2016
Greetings Food Lovers!

The Benefits of Fasting as Told By Pager Our English Springer Spaniel

Fido Is Fasting: My Story!

My non furry Mom Sandra, wants me to tell you about the benefits of fasting. I've had some experience with this, as many of you already know. Let me just say from the outset that...I hate it!

But I guess I have to admit grudgingly, that it's served me well. My Mom says I'm her poster boy for the benefits of fasting. Here's a picture of me years ago, when I was deep in the throws of intermittent fasting. I think I was about 4 years old at that time. I don't know? Who's counting?

Embarrassing Pictures of Me!

I was starting to get better, but I was in still in rough shape as you can see if you look closely at my throat. See what I mean? It looks red, right. Well it was, and it was oozing a smelly, itchy, liquidy...bleghck#$$%%^& kind of stuff, that turned crusty.

I had it in my ears, around my bum and genitals ( sorry to be so graphic !), under my arms, and at one point, around my eyes. Trust me! I needed a makeover. I was not my all time best looking self in those days.

So anyway, as part of my ' get well again ' program, my non furry Mom Sandra made me do these annoying intermittent fasting days. I say intermittent, which should mean random, but she made me do that every Monday.

Well, believe me, I got to know when Monday was, so I didn't even bother to raise my head when dinner time rolled around. Those other fools, Jack and Tuxedo would race to the kitchen in eager anticipation of our delicious raw dog food but I just stayed put, curled up desparingly on my comfy dog bed and...sulked! Knowing full well, that Tuesday morning would eventually dawn.

That whole healthy detox ritual experiencing the benefits of fasting went on for years, but...Thank God those days are over!

Feast and Famine

So, as much as I hated the experience of fasting, the benefits however remain with me today. As much as I hate to admit it worked!

My Mom says the reason for this is because, if my body doesn't have to work on digesting food all the time, my immune system can kick in better and go to work...making me better! She even has a magic trick up her sleeve to help boost my immune system while helping to support it's function. Well, I guess that works for me! I'm living proof, as she says.

So, because my non furry Mom thinks that this is such as important part of cleansing and healthy detox she even wrote a whole page for it on her website. If you really want your dog to suffer through this whole fasting thing like I did, despite the fact that it will help him, you can find out more by reading about the benefits of fasting here.

Apparently wild dogs ( I don't know any personally ) live though this all the time. Nobody serves them raw dog food in the bowl, mores the pity! They have to get it themselves and aren't always successful, so nada to eat some nights, I guess. That's a drag!

My Mom says dogs and people too have lived through periods of feast and famine and this is one of the reasons both our species have not only survived, but ...thrived! The weak died and the strong survived. I guess that's one of the laws of life.

Well I'm glad I survived to tell the tale. It was touch and go there at a few points, believe me. Or that's the way it felt to me. I guess it doesn't hurt to go without food every once in a while.

If I ever have to go through THAT again, I'm coming back to your house Trish! Just get rid of Sam. You don't need him anyway. I'm all you need. I'm all the dog anyone needs.

On second thought...I think I'll stay where I am. I get food on Mondays now and every other day of the week too, but...every now and again, my Mom gives us all a dreaded fasting night. For heaven's sake! Enough is enough!

Here I am in Kyle and Kathleen's truck last summer. I love trucks! I look great eh? I'm about 12 in this picture. I don't know. Who's counting! Life is grand when you feel good like a Springer Spaniel should!

Big licks!


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