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The Dog Nutrition Naturally Newsletter, Issue #8 - August 22, 2016 - Update on my old dog Jack
August 23, 2016
Greetings! Feeling...cooler!

Update On My Old Dog Jack

Just a quick one today!

Last December 2015, I wrote about my old dog Jack. It was just before Christmas and I was feeling especially grateful that my beautiful old boy was still with me. It looked like Jack would be here for Christmas 2015.

Every time I looked at his sweet face, I was reminded how lucky I am. Jack was about to celebrate his 19th birthday on Christmas Eve 2015. I could not have received a nicer Christmas present than that.

It's Not Over 'Til It's Over!

So, here we are now in August of 2016. Eight months into the new year. Jack is still going strong. Yes, he's old, anyone could see that! Yes, he moves slowly, who wouldn't if you were almost 140 years of age? Yes, he has trouble getting up from the floor sometimes, but he always makes it! Yes, it is better to walk on level ground. You never know when an unexpected bump in the grass might make him stumble.

But Jack is fine. He loves his early morning walks when the dew on the grass makes everything smell just sooooooo interesting! He likes to walk for about 45 minutes. Pretty good for an old dog, don't you think? We do that twice a day.

Good Luck...or...Good Management?

That was one of my father's favourite expressions, when faced with an unanswered question that had a positive outcome. He'd say..." Well, was that good luck, or good management? ". My son Adrien would laugh if he could read this now. We're always joking about my father's old expressions!

Just a memory of my father, but I think it's an appropriate question when thinking about Jack's longevity. Jack was not always a healthy dog. The first seven years of his life, were spent with many health intolerances, constant intermittent diarrhea, stomach upset and vomiting, undiagnosed giardia. His sister Rosie died at 5, from complete organ systems failure.

So, I'll tell you honestly. Jack's long and healthy life since then, has nothing to do with ' good luck '. It has everything to do with ' good management '!

Holistic Health Management for Longevity

Sometimes it takes a good ' smack upside the head ' to turn the light bulb on. Sometimes something serious has to happen to make you pay attention. After Rosie died, I knew I needed to take charge of Jack's health myself. Vivian O'Neill helped me enormously! I can never thank her enough for guiding me down the holistic herbal path.

For more than 12 years now, Jack has had...

  • no vaccines at all
  • no drugs of any kind
  • no chemical flea/tick/heartworm control

Jack has had...

  • a species appropriate raw food diet for dogs
  • herbs to support his natural detoxifying organ systems
  • probiotics to reset his gut microbiome and support his immune system
  • herbs to support his structure for fluidity of movement
  • herbs to support his heart health

That's called ' good management ' for a long and healthy life! Dogs can live a long time. Much longer than most people think they can.

Thanks To All of Jack's Friends everyone who has written to me since last December, this newsletter is dedicated to you. Please know that your kind words and thoughtful enquiries about Jack are appreciated more than you can ever know. Jack makes friends wherever he goes. He's very old, and he's very loved!

If Jack makes it to next December 2016, he will be 20 years young! We have our eyes on that goal. We work toward Jack's good health and quality of life, every day. We never stop.

Thank you to all Jack's friends!

Here's a cute video of me and Jack at dinner time. Yes, I'm feeding him. Yes, he can eat by himself. Sometimes senior dogs need help, but Jack doesn't. Feeding dogs isn't what Jack needs, it's just what we do, because we both like it! Yes, Jack looks better than I do!


Dinner time with Sandra and Jack

Love, Sandra and Jack XXX

Coaching You and Your Dog to Better Health the Natural Way
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