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The Dog Nutrition Naturally Newsletter, Issue #1 - January 2016
January 15, 2016
It's a new year!

Thinking About New Healthy Lifestyle Habits for 2016 ?

Well, the New Year has started. Where does the time go? I wanted to send you a brief note to help you start thinking about new healthy lifestyle habits for 2016.

So, let's back up a bit. let's stop and think for a moment. Has it ever occured to you that we are part of a gigantic experiment? We are living in a genetic time warp. Think about it.

Where Did We Come From?

Just because we live in the modern world of 2016, doesn't mean that we have really changed all that much from ancient times. Today we live in a world of artificial light, processed foods, polluted air and water, with minimal exposure to sunlight and very little exercise. This goes for our pets too. They live with us, and so are forced to live the same way we do.

But genetically, we are still pre programmed to live in a more natural environment, the same as our ancient ancestors did. We are like fish out of water. If fish are taken out of their natural watery context, they will experience ' dis – ease ' ( disease ) and die. If humans and animals are taken out of their natural context of nature, they will experience ' dis-ease ' and die. Here's a cartoon that explains what I mean.

Seriously...How Can We Learn to Get Healthy Again?

5 Ways to Stay Healthy

Let's make an effort to move from the unfortunate biological reality of today, to a more natural way of living and eating, as best we can. This goes for our dogs too. We want healthy dogs, don't we? We can do this in a way that's reasonable and convenient. Here are some ideas:
  1. Eat more local, organically grown food instead of pesticide laden, artifically ripened, grocery store food. Yes, there's food beyond the grocery store.
  2. Eat more food that's closer to it's raw, natural form. Opt for the apple instead of the apple sauce. Give your dog a raw meaty bone, instead of a rawhide chew or a kong full of peanut butter.
  3. Get at least twenty minutes of outside sunlight exposure and exercise every day. Put the leash on and take your dog for a walk. Discover why you even HAVE a dog! Turn the cell phone off. It's only 20 minutes.OMG!
  4. Drink filtered water instead of chemically sterilized municipal water. Give some to your dog too. Our bodys are 70% water.
  5. Take time to appreciate your family, your friends and your dog. Your life's not all THAT bad, is it?

I know...nothing you didn't already know, right? So, do it then! Yes you can!

Happy New Year, Sandra

Coaching You and Your Dog to Better Health the Natural Way
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