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The Dog Nutrition Naturally Newsletter, Issue #2 - February 1, 2016
February 01, 2016
Greetings caring dog lovers!

Starting at Square One - Easy Cleansing for Healthy Detox

Well, February has begun and by now I'm sure we've all forgotten our New Years promise to implement some healthy new lifestyle habits...the least of which was to shed a few unwanted pounds by eating more fresh food, and getting a bit of exercise daily. Am I right?

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, maybe we can get our minds back to helping our dog get healthy instead. It's more fun anyway when we don't have to actually do anything for ourselves. We can make the dog do it.

Cleansing sounds like a good idea. Why not? A healthy detox plan is just what the dog needs, doesn't he? At least according to the number of emails I get, more than a few people think it might be a good idea!

No kidding, how many times have I heard this " I'd like to put my dog on a cleanse, but I need some direction "...or... " I think my dog needs a cleanse. Can you help?"...or..." I put my dog on a cleanse, but it made him sicker. What did I do wrong?"

To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse? That is the Question.

First, let's just make one thing clear. Your dog ( and you too ) have a healthy detox system hard at work every day. The liver and kidneys never fail to take all the garbage we put in and on our bodies, including less than perfect food, toxins from the environment and the sheer effort of breathing and living everyday, and make us clean and whole again, and again, and again, every day without fail.

The problem is that we forget about this natural cleanse process, and so as time goes by, if we don't implement those promises we made at New Years, to eat better and get some sunlight and exercise, our poor liver and kidneys get tired too, from all the effort of trying to clean up the mess we make inside our bodies.

I'm talking about this because we make those unkept promises for ourselves, but what about the dog? Do we ever promise at New Years to put our dog on a cleaner, more natural diet, take him for longer walks, make sure he gets out for at least half an hour to run and play in the sunlight? Not a chance. I'd lay money on it.

So then one day, we're looking at our dog and we're thinking...Gosh, Champ doesn't seem as energetic as he once was. He's scratching an awful lot, and what's all that gunk in his ears. Whew...he needs a bath too. I know...maybe he needs a cleanse? Yup, that's the ticket. I'll put him on a cleanse...but how do I do that? No problem. I'll Google it!

Seriously...Let's back the bus up!

Didn't we just say that the liver and kidneys have the hard daily task of keeping us ( and our dogs ) clean inside. Yes we did. So would it not make sense, at least as a place to start, to keep those New Years promises we made for ourselves, and didn't make for the dog, but should have?

If we do just those cleaner, get some fresh air in our lungs, move our bodies a bit more than yesterday, drink more pure water ( not that stuff that comes out of the kitchen tap ) and have some fun with the dog, that will help restart the healthy detox done by those most precious and under appreciated of organs...our liver and kidneys. Body cleansing detoxification starts here.

February Newsletter Lineup

In February there will be four newsletters from Dog Nutrition Naturally ( you just read the first one ).

# 2: Fido is Fasting

# 3: Cleansing for a Specific Purpose

# 4: Supplemental Help While Cleansing

Stay tuned!

Cheers, Sandra

Coaching You and Your Dog to Better Health the Natural Way
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