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The Dog Nutrition Naturally Newsletter, Issue #003 -- Christmas Gratitude
December 18, 2015
Happy Holidays Everyone!

My Christmas Gratitude Wish for 2015

It's that time again. The Holidays are here. Since I haven't written for quite some time, I wanted to share my thoughts with you this morning.

This brief newsletter is all about my old dog Jack. He is sleeping peacefully right here at my feet. It looks like Jack will be here again with us, this Christmas. For that, I will be forever grateful. Jack's designated birthday is Christmas Eve December 24.

Jack will be 18 years of age.

Looking Back at the Years Spent with My Old Dog

Where did the years go? As I watch Jack sleeping, I am tempted to feel sad when I think that very likely, my time with him is coming to an end. But feeling sad is a waste of time and emotion because even today, early this morning, Jack got me up at 4:02 AM. He was ready to start his day. It's not over yet!

Recently I was looking at a chart that converted dog years, to human years. According to that chart Jack will be 109 years of age on his birthday, Christmas Eve. But Jack wasn't thinking about his age this morning. He was just thinking that it was time to get up, and go for our long walk and start the day. We walk for one hour every morning...rain, snow, whatever. It doesn't matter to Jack.

After that, Jack wants breakfast. There is no fooling around about the breakfast! Advancing years have done nothing to curb Jack's appetite. He still lives for food. After he eats in the morning, he will lie down and go to sleep for several hours, and I watch him dreaming.

What Are You Dreaming About Jack?

Are you dreaming about Christmas past? Remember the time you peed on the Christmas tree? Remember the time you pulled the turkey off the counter and ate a leg. We had a one legged turkey that year!

Remember the time you knocked the whole Christmas tree over because you were being too rambunctious and wouldn't settle down. I was so mad at you. What a mess! Many of the tree decorations broke. There were shards of glass everywhere. I was afraid you were going to step on it and get cut.

Remember the time you stole 6 lemon tarts off the counter...and then there was your world famous cookie dough episode. Jack, I am grateful at least, that your counter cruising days are over.

My Christmas Gratitude List

So Jack. I am grateful for you. I am grateful that you will be with me for another Christmas. I am grateful for your good health. I am grateful that your coat is still shiny, and beautiful. I am grateful that your eyes are still bright and full of love for me. I am grateful that you can CHOOSE to hear me when I call your name. I am grateful that your weight is still right where it should be at 75 lbs. I am grateful that your energy sustains your daily activity level. I am grateful that finally, at long last, your poops are perfect! I am grateful that you are still able to do your annoying, foot stomping dinner dance. I am grateful for your funny old dog bark. I am grateful that you are still a flirt. Those girl dogs at the dog park love you don't they Jack? They know a nice guy when they meet one.

Christmas Gratitude Wish for You

So during the Holidays this year, make sure you reflect on the gift of your dog. Not the gift FOR your dog, but the gift of having the opportunity to live with your dog every day. My wish for you is that you will think about how much he/she has blessed your life. The years disappear very quickly and before you know it, your young, vibrant dog is an old dog.

I don't know if Jack will be with me another year around. I will leave that up to a power greater than I, but I know that I have been blessed with the gift of Jack, again this year. Every day with my old dog is a bonus, and for that I am very grateful.

Thank you Jack. I love you more than you can ever know. Santa is bringing your favourite treat again this year...dehydrated duck hearts. Yum! And you don't have to share them with the Siamese Sumo Cat Tag Team if you don't want to. I'll protect you!


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