Sick Dog:
Stay Alert to  Dog Illness Symptoms

If you have a sick dog, he won't be able to tell you what's wrong. All you have are the signs that something is not quite right. The symptoms are the clues. When your dog exhibits a symptom, this is his body's way of telling you that something is wrong.

When Does Dog Illness Happen?

  • when the body is not absorbing the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy Immune System.
  • when the body is not eliminating the toxins and/or diseased cells that prevent the Immune System from working properly.

Whatever ailment your dog has, it will continue until your dog's Immune System is able to purge it.

So, help him !

This is what holistic healing is all about. The ability of the body to get rid of, eliminate, expel, or purge toxicity.

The body has orifices ( external openings ) through which the Immune System can purge. These natural openings are the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, urinary opening, bowel, skin. Your sick dog will be healthier for the opportunity to purge on his own.

If you allow this process to happen, you will help your dog finish with it as quickly as possible?

Common Signs of Dog Illness:
How to Recognize a Sick Dog

One of the most common signs of canine illnesses, is that your dog will seem unusually quiet.

Maybe he will go off his food and stop eating. Not eating allows your sick dog's body to concentrate on healing himself, rather than focusing on digesting food.

If your dog was free in the wild, he would go off on his own and isolate himself quietly until he felt better. This process is called fasting or natural hygiene.

Here are some other common dog illness symptoms:

  • dull or matted coat
  • skin itchy or sore
  • runny nose
  • eyes cloudy, red or runny
  • bad breath
  • diarrhea 
  • foul, smelly, odd colored stool
  • frequent urination
  • urinating in the house
  • vomiting
  • excessive drinking of water
  • cough
  • sneezing
  • fever, chills and shivering
  • pain
  • fatty lumps

So What is Really Happening?

Typically, a dog with any or all of these symptoms would be given antibiotics first, as a way to address any general causes or infections. Usually, some form of steroid or anti-inflammatory drug will be prescribed at the same time. These drugs will treat the symptoms temporarily ( not cure ) least for a while.

Although it is absolutely necessary to see the vet sometimes, stop and think for a moment. If you give your sick dog a drug, you are stopping his body's attempt at healing itself.

Drugs only suppress an action, or stimulate an action. Sometimes this is critically necessary. The use of drugs has it's place of course, but drugs do not heal. Always remember that.

Here's an example...

Pretend for a moment, that your dog ate something suspicious on his walk yesterday. If he gets diarrhea this is his body's attempt at trying to eliminate and get rid of, the offending bacteria. Your dog is now officially  ' a sick dog ' and off to the vet you go. You will come home armed with antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs.

Likely, the diarrhea would have stopped on it's own in a few days anyway, if you had given it time to do so. You love your dog. You want him to feel better quickly, but drugs only offer a short term fix and can cause other problems.

Drugs also put a serious load on the liver and/or kidneys, the body's main detoxing organs. You can see how the toxicity cycle continues to duplicate itself, again and again. This will put enormous stress on your dog's Immune System.

The Importance of The Canine Immune System

An animal with a weakened Immune System, then becomes more open to infections. Infection creates a need for antibiotics. Antibiotic use sets the stage for systemic yeast, better known as Candida, by destroying the good bacteria in the gut.

Under normal circumstances, that same good bacteria keeps the yeast under control. If it gets out of control, due to the overuse of some drugs, a vicious cycle of dog illnesses is then created.

Since much of the Immune System is located in the gut, I want to say this loud and clear, sorry for yelling...

The bacterial balance in the gut IS the Immune System !!!

An Immune System that doesn't function properly, is the root cause of all dog illnesses. Work to improve your sick dog's whole Immune System. An easy way to do this is by keeping him as ' drug free ' as possible. Just say NO to drugs! LOL!

In this way, your dog is better able to get rid of the toxins that made him sick in the first place. Other things that can help to improve Immune function are:

  • Natural dog food. If you support the body nutritionally you will help it work on it's own. Provide the right nutritional elements and your dog's body will work to it's own peak potential.
  • Nutritional health supplements are food and will give the body the strength it needs to push out and clean out whatever is bothering it.
  • Vaccinations have many detrimental side effects. Do titre testing first to check for antibodies. Vaccinations may not even be necessary.
  • Use natural flea control. Minimal drugs and chemical free pest control for fleas/ticks and heart worm is a healthier option.

The health restoring methods suggested on this page are non toxic, non invasive, and have almost no side effects. Toxins cause disease. Health comes from helping the body get rid of toxins. Let the body eliminate on it's own, in it's own natural way.

The longer symptoms and disease have been present, the longer it will take to finish the process.

These ideas are not new. Years ago, doctors practiced medicine exactly this way. I am not suggesting that drugs are bad. They should be used minimally and when absolutely necessary to save a life or in any other critical situation.

In the meantime, better health can be achieved by helping the body the heal itself.

Your Natural Health Practitioner or Natural Health Coach can talk you through this. If you don't have someone, please Contact Me. I will be happy to help you. Health Coaching is what I do every day. I help people help their dogs get healthy again.

Watch for the Healing Crisis

When a sick dog, or sick person is especially toxic, a healing crisis can happen.

This means that the sick dog ( or person ) will appear to get worse before he gets better.

It's at this time when an owner can become very nervous and complain that their pet is not getting well at all.

Please be patient and wait. This is a necessary part of the wellness process and your sick dog will be better for experiencing it. Do not give up, and put your dog back on drugs to suppress the symptoms.

The next step is recovery.

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