Dreaming About Your Online Business Idea ?

Is there an online business idea floating around at the back of your mind? These are crazy times! So, right now might just be the perfect time to take your online business idea and run with it.

Have an online business idea and need help taking the next step?Sandra

What Is An Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is anyone ( even you ) who has an idea, creates a business and earns money from that idea.

Take me for example. Here I am, standing in my kitchen. I've got my old glasses on and comfy clothes. Well, I once had a dream too. I started with my website idea more than 10 years ago now. I've never looked back.

You could be an entrepreneur, too.
In other words...

  1. if you have an idea
  2. if you have knowledge about something
  3. if you've have experience doing something
  4. if you know you can help someone solve a problem

How I Decided to Start a Business Online

Here's what happened, and how I came to have this website.

More than 10 years ago, I realized that I could help people who had sick dogs. I knew how to feed dogs properly. I had knowledge about natural health and wellness, and I had experience solving dog health problems for my own dogs and the dogs of friends and neighbors.

So, you see. I fit the criteria for being an entrepreneur.

  1. I had and idea
  2. I had knowledge about something
  3. I had experience doing something
  4. I knew I could help people.

I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could teach what I knew to others. So I decided to create a website for that purpose. Over the years, my website has grown and evolved into what it is today. Dog Nutrition Naturally is a self help resource for dog owners who want to take responsibility for the health of their dogs themselves, while avoiding toxic and costly drugs and vet visits.

Turn Your Online Business Idea
Into a Website Business Just like I Did

Of course your online business idea would be different than mine, because you are you, and there's nobody else like you. You have your own talents, your own knowledge, your own ideas, interests and experience.

In these difficult times, you might be thinking about or even worrying about, how your life is going to change going forward. Will your life go back to normal? Will normal even be normal again, ever?

Here's what 's true though...

More and more of what we do and learn will be online. So why not give some thought to how having a website ( think website business ) and using your online business idea could change your life for the better, and hopefully, the lives of other people too.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I know something about?
  • What do I love or like doing?
  • What do I have experience with?
  • What can I teach that could help someone else?

Maybe you don't even have a start up idea yet. That's OK, too. The first step is just to be open to the idea, of having an idea! From there, your mind will take you on an amazing entrepreneurial journey to explore what's possible for you.

That's what I did and I wouldn't change it for the world!

You can join me! Check out these short videos to see what's possible for you.

It worked for me.

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