We Trust Natures Sunshine Products
To Boost Dog Health

You thought Natures Sunshine Products were just for people, didn't you? Well, believe me, your dog can benefit too. Health and herbs and dogs, go together naturally, just like Mother Nature intended.

That's why I'd like to share with you, a little bit about the success we've had using herbal remedies and natural health products from Natures Sunshine to help solve dog health problems.

We have been using Natures Sunshine Products ourselves, for more than 20 years. We use them exclusively and trust them implicitly. Nature's Sunshine Products makes it easy for us to help so many people and dogs, in so many different ways. We depend on the extraordinary, high quality gold standard of natural health products from NSP, to help bring dogs back to the natural good health and canine vigor they deserve.

All of our dogs have come to us because of one dog health problem or another. When you put a high quality species specific canine diet consisting of raw dog food, together with high quality nutritional health supplements from Natures Sunshine, be prepared to see something wonderful happen. Here's a lovely note from a happy dog mom.

Testimonial from Deb

( non furry Mom to Fergus the dog )

Hi Sandra,

I bumped into two dog friends today, one of whom has known Fergus since he was a puppy, and hadn't seen him since early last December.  She was absolutely delighted to see how much improved he was. 

The other woman has seen Fergie off and on over the last few months and was also exclaiming over how much better he looks now. They were not only impressed by how his coat has grown back in, but more by his back end.  They both thought he looked like he'd grown muscle back on his hindquarters.  They also thought his outlook had improved. He looks happier and more ready to play.  

Just thought you'd like to hear the compliments resulting from your raw dog food and supplements from Nature's Sunshine Products.  

Ta, Deb

Herbal Remedies for Dogs
3 Keys to Success

Our success working with people and using herb remedies for dogs, has led us to share our knowledge with others. Unfortunately there are many sick dogs out there. It's been fun and very rewarding to watch dogs get healthy again. It's even more fun when people say..." Can Nature's Sunshine Products help me too? Well, of course!

So here's what I've learned. These 3 things are the important keys to helping people:

  1. I have learned that many people just need someone to listen. They're worried and concerned. They love their dogs but they're discouraged and frustrated because they can't solve their dog's health issues. They're looking for a glimmer of hope, so the healing can begin.  By providing the health information they require, and supporting them througout the process,  the journey to better health for their dog can is possible.
  2. I have learned, that learning never ends. The more I research, read and educate myself, the more I realize how much there is to learn and share.
  3. I have learned that my readers are worth the very best. I want to offer the best of my knowledge and experience, along with products that can truly help. Nature's Sunshine has proven the test of time. NSP provides the products that make the difference. Quality is guaranteed. No questions asked.

Sharing Natures Sunshine Products

For years we had reaped the benefits of using products from Natures Sunshine Canada, but it had not dawned on us, that we could be sharing these wonderful natural health products with others. Then the light bulb went off!

We already WERE sharing the benefits of Nature's Sunshine Products with others. WOW !!! We had already been telling other people about NSP for years anyway. Don't be slow learners like us. Get started now. Talk to me. If you think that helping people and dogs to gain better health is something that would interest you, then let me know. I can help you.

We decided to take the plunge and start our home based business helping people and dogs. That's another thing! Many people do not know that Nature's Sunshine can help take care of your financial health too. I bet you know a few people who would like to know that.

Isn't that WIN WIN? Health benefits plus financial benefits. Nature's Sunshine is the best kept secret in Canada! Lots of room to grow and lots of opportunity to help people with their health.

You Can Share NSP in Canada
the USA
and Other  Countries Too

That's what we've been doing. There are dogs and people all over the world, you know. Take Andrea, who lives in the USA. She joined our NSP group and is now building an NSP USA group of her own.

Read Andrea's WHY NSP story here

Andrea and I co-moderate our Sunshine Gals Facebook group. A closed  group for our Nature's Sunshine family members only. Come join us! We talk about...

  • NSP products
  • how to use Natures Sunshine products for people and dogs
  • webinars and other educational opportunities to help you learn
  • how to market your wonderful Nature's Sunshine Products online

That's what we do!

The point is, you can share Natures Sunshine where ever you are. There are people and dogs that want and need help to  improve their health. Nature's Sunshine does business in Canada and the USA, but also in 60 other countries. 

Nature's Sunshine Canada

Nature's Sunshine USA

You Can Trust
Natures Sunshine Products

Our trust in NSP is based on 20 years of experience, but you may be interested to know that we are not alone. We feel very privileged to be representing a company recognized in Forbe's Top 100 List 2013. That is something to be proud of!

It is absolutely critical to me that the products I recommend to help you and your dog are of the highest possible quality. This is guaranteed!

For more information on how you can help yourself and others by sharing wonderful Natures Sunshine Products.

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