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A Potential Dog Health Hazard

What dog shampoo are you using?

Do you have any idea what shampoo your dog groomer is using on your dog? Does your dog come home smelling like a rose, or a fresh sea breeze, or a wild flower meadow?

Well, I hope not and here's why.

Those scents could be from artificial, toxic, potentially dangerous additives, sudsing agents and perfumes. It is commonly thought that the ingredients contained in pet shampoo are not dangerous in small quantities. However, over time the cumulative affect of these substances is very worrisome, indeed.


Here's something you need to know. Healthy dogs don't smell bad.

Yes I know, nobody likes that strong doggy odor. Well, guess what?

If your dog is truly healthy, he really shouldn't smell very much at all.

Does Your Dog Stink?


Well, you need this information then.

Remember that the skin is an organ of elimination. If your dog is toxic on the inside, one of the ways he will try to get rid of those toxins is through his skin, and his ears.

If your dog has a condition of candida for example, he will definitely have that very distinctive yeasty, doggy odor. I think we all know that smell.

He will probably also have a brownish black discharge from his ears. If ear infections keep recurring, there will certainly be an underlying systemic health problem.

Most Flea Shampoo is Extremely Toxic

Dog shampoo for fleas makes me shudder. These shampoos are SO toxic. They contain insecticides. Please don't subject your dog to those poisons. If the chemicals in those dog shampoo products are strong enough to kill the fleas and prevent flea bites... think about what they might actually be doing to the health of your dog.

Insecticides rank as # 2, on the list of Top 10 Dog Poisons according to the ASPCA. It is extremely important these days, to protect ourselves, our pets and the earth, by using products that are environmentally friendly and free of chemicals.

There are of course, other conditions of poor health that will cause a dog to smell bad. These can all be corrected or controlled with better dog nutrition and perhaps a few targeted supplements to help your dog cleanse and become healthier.

Use green chemical free pet care products

In the meantime, what can you do to keep your dog clean and smelling nice, while providing relief from itching and scratching, as well as helping to control fleas.

Remember, if your dog is already toxic internally, the last thing he needs is more toxicity through products. Everything that goes in or on your dog's body, must be cleansed out by your dog's liver.

It is extremely important that if your dog is being bathed, either by you or someone else, that the products being used are absolutely natural, free of chemicals and perfumes.

Please do not use people shampoo on your dog. It will upset the PH balance of your dog's skin. Human skin has a PH of about 5.5. This is much more acidic than the more alkaline skin PH of your dog, which is about 6.5 to 7.5.

The Herbal Hound
All Natural Pet Care Products

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The Herbal Hound

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