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Raw Food Diet For Dogs

 Let's talk about the raw food diet for dogs I use at home. People are constantly saying, " Your dogs look great. What do you feed them? "  It's no great secret why my dogs are healthy and look wonderful.

I have not always fed a raw food diet for dogs. I have come full circle in that regard, and have fed all of the following...

I was not satisfied with any of these choices because...

  • they did not produce the health benefits I wanted to see
  • they were labour intensive and time consuming to prepare
  • they contained dog food ingredients that did not please me 
  • they were just way too expensive

Why Did I Choose This Particular
Raw Dog Food Blend?

What I wanted was a premixed, frozen raw dog food that met my standards for...

  • Health - It must have the correct nutritional percentage breakdown, as modelled by the evolutionary history of the dog.
  • Ingredients - It must contain ingredients specific to carnivores with no added carbohydrates
  • Convenience - I was really tired of making my own raw dog food.
  • Cost effectiveness - Why should I have to take out a second mortgage just to feed my dogs appropriately?

Appropriate Food For Carnivores

The domestic dog, whose taxonomic ( species ) name is Canis Lupus Familiaris, is a domesticated form of the grey wolf, which is a member of the Canidae family, of the order Carnivora.

What that mouthful means, is that our pet dogs are related to the Grey Wolf and are carnivores ( meat eaters ) by species nature. Scavenging carnivores to be exact. So, the best healthy dog food consists of a diet based on foods that dogs are genetically programmed for.

That means that dogs must get their energy and nutrient requirements from food that consists mainly of animal tissue. As scavengers they will also consume some non animal food such as fish and eggs, along with small amounts of vegetation as would be found present in green tripe, the predigested stomach contents of the herbivore prey animal.

Learn more about Canine nutrition and feeding dogs.

Dog Nutrition Naturally Raw Food Diet For Dogs is a biologically appropriate, species specific food for our pet carnivores. It is premixed, finely ground, and then frozen according to legal requirements. Quality meets my high nutritional standards for reaching and maintaining, optimal health for our dogs.

It is important that nutritional analysis mimic as closely as possible, the diet of all wild carnivores. The natural canine ancestral diet would provide...

  • Protein at 49%
  • Fat at 35 %
  • Ash at 6%
  • Dry matter at 10%

...and break down to approximately as illustrated in the diagram below.

Typical Canine Ancestral Diet Nutritional Breakdown
Dog Nutrition Naturally Raw Food Diet For Dogs Ingredients

The dog food ingredients included in our raw all natural dog food  blend are:

  • 40 % chicken viscera including internal organs such as hearts, gizzards, liver, kidneys
  • 15 % beef meat, connective tissue and bone
  • 20 % beef offal ( internal organs, including green tripe )
  • 20 % fish
  • 5 % egg

Here's where you can learn more about the huge nutritional benefit of feeding internal organ meats or offal, better known as by products, in their natural raw state.

Why Should You Buy
Your Raw Dog Food From Us?

What sets us apart from others selling raw dog food? What makes us different than the rest?

  • We know what we're doing. We've been feeding raw for many, many  years.
  • Our experience is backed up by a firm grounded knowledge of canine anatomy and physiology.
  • We are health conscious individuals ourselves.
  • We are trained and have expertise in the area of natural health care.
  • We are ready to answer all your questions.
  • We promote holistic, natural health care and healthy eating for people, as well as dogs. It's lifestyle for us!

Dog nutrition naturally and dog health, are our special area of expertise. Not only will you be buying an excellent high quality raw dog food blend, you will also have the benefit of Sandra's Natural Health Practitioner background. Sandra is always available as your mentor, guide and dog health coach. If you are trying to overcome health problems for your dog, Sandra is available for dog health consultations free of charge. So give us a call. We can help!

Raw Dog Food
Feeding Guidelines

Typically, raw dog food would be fed in amounts that equal 2% to 3% of total body weight per day. These guidelines can be adjusted up or down, taking into consideration...

  • energy and activity level
  • age
  • health improvement needs

Here are more thoughts to guide you through transitioning your dog from kibble to raw. You will also find some helpful hints for feeding appropriately to sustain and maintain, good health for your dog.

Guidelines on feeding dogs a raw food diet

Feeding Guidelines Chart

Size of dog Amount of food to feed in lbs/ozs daily
5lb dog 0.1-0.15 lbs or 1.6 - 2.4 oz or 1/4-1/3 cup
10lb dog 0.2-0.3 lbs or 3.2 - 4.8 oz or 1/3 -1/2 cup
20 lb dog 0.4-0.6 lbs or 6.4 - 9.6 oz or 2/3 - 1&1/4 cups
50 lb dog 1-1.5 lbs or 2 - 2.5 cups
100lb dog 2-3 lbs or 4 - 5 cups

Do We Include
Fruits and Vegetables

As Part of Our
Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

Please note that we do not add fruits and vegetables as we feel that dogs being carnivores, do not really need these extra carbohydrates which, over time, can create unwanted inflammation in the body. I prefer to feed and offer for sale, a raw food diet for dogs that falls within ketogenic diet guidelines to prevent health problems.

We prefer the nutritional benefit of herbs as a diverse and highly digestible source of quality plant food to help reach optimal well being, and prevent dog health problems. Our herbs deliver high quality nutrition and a life giving energy, that a few questionable grocery store fruits and vegetables could never offer.

For old dogs, or sick dogs dealing with a chronic health issue, a natural species appropriate diet is the place to start. Back to basics using healing food, as Mother Nature intended. Raw dog food used together with a few targeted, high quality nutritional health supplements and herbs can and do help, by providing micro nutrients known to aid in the repair and recovery of specific health issues.

For more information on how to do this appropriately Contact Sandra.

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Dog Nutrition Naturally Raw Food Diet for Dogs is cut in frozen one pound blocks for your convenience. Just thaw in the refrigerator as needed and serve.

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40 lb ~ $60.00 ( $1.50 lb )

160 lbs or more ~ ( 1.13 lb )

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