The Best Nutrition Guide of All

The Healthy Pet Herb Guide

Vivian McCue -O'Neill

Vivian O'Neill

I am very pleased to be able to recommend to you, the best nutrition guide I know of for the health of your beloved pets.

This herb guide for pets is written by our personal friend and business mentor, Vivian O'Neill ( CH, NHP, RhA ). Here she is on the left.

Vivian's experience and expertise in the natural health field is unsurpassed.

Included in The Healthy Pet Herb Guide you will find almost 200 pages of natural health information for dogs, cats and horses.

This nutrition guide is written with Vivian's personal touch. Her love of animals is ever present. Vivian will help you understand your pet's health needs with illustrations and stories from her personal experience.

This Book is Recommended for:

    Everyone who has pets.

    All health professionals working with dogs, cats and horses.

    Nature's Sunshine members who would like to know more about canine nutrition and NSP herbal supplements for pets.

Here's What You Can Look Forward To

The Healthy Pet Herb Guide

Sneak a peak at the TABLE OF CONTENTS

  • Chapter 1 - Animals and Herbs, What A Wonderful Idea !
  • Chapter 2 - It All Started With Cooper
  • Chapter 3 - Why Do Your Pets Become Sick?
  • Chapter 4 - Getting Rid Of The Garbage
  • Chapter 5 - Those Nasty Skin Problems
  • Chapter 6 - How To Control Your Pet’s Joint Pain
  • Chapter 7 - How To Stop Your Pets From Clearing The Room
  • Chapter 8 - Fighting Infections Herbally
  • Chapter 9 - Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies - How To Do It Right
  • Chapter 10 - How to Stop Those Little Wet Accidents
  • Chapter 11 - Get The Basics Right and Good Health Will Always Follow
  • Chapter 12 - More Of The Basics
  • Chapter 13 - When You Need More Help
  • Chapter 14 - Those Dreaded Fleas
  • Chapter 15 - That Other Scratchy Itchy Problem
  • Chapter 16 - A Very Serious Dilemma
  • Chapter 17 - Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Harmful
  • Chapter 18 - When It Is Time For A Change
  • Chapter 19 - What To Do When They Don’t Get Along
  • Chapter 20 - Respecting Our Elders
  • Chapter 21 - How Many & How
  • Chapter 22 - Chinese Constitutions and Your Pets
  • Chapter 23 - Closing
  • Chapter 24 - The Final Chapter - A Sad Farewell

... and more

  • Appendix A - Tips for Crate Training
  • Appendix B - Herbal Medicine Cabinet For Dogs & Cats
  • Appendix C - Cleansing Made Easy
  • Appendix D - Herbs By Body Systems
  • Appendix E - Herbs - What You Should Know
  • Index

Healthy Pet Herb Guide Supplement More of The Healthy Pet Herb Guide

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