Good Dog Digestion is the Source of Good Health

Dog digestion is the hub on which all other body systems depend. Dog digestion is the first line of defense. If your dog's food is not digested and assimilated properly, due to malabsorption, all other body systems will pay the price.

Your dog's digestive system is responsible for three things:

  • digestion of food
  • absorption of nutrients
  • prevents the entry of toxic, disease causing substances into the body
Your dog is a carnivore, you will never be able to change the DNA of your beloved dog.

Dogs are meant to consume proper canine nutrition, certain types of food.

Mother Nature has deemed this to be so!

You might be a strict vegetarian, but your dog is not.

There are two types of carnivores:

      Obligate Carnivores - such as cats and snakes. They must eat meat to stay healthy

      Scavenging Carnivores - such as your dog. Dogs are able to eat other types of food in addition to meat, and nothing terrible will happen to them, but this does not makes them Omnivores.

If you feed your dog, food that by nature, his digestive system was not meant to eat...expect dog health problems sooner or later.

Canine Digestive System

This system of organs is really just one long system including:

    Mouth and teeth



    Small Intestine

    Large Intestine

Learn more about the organs of the Canine Digestive System here.

When your dog's digestive tract is healthy and working properly, it will absorb vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It will also prevent substances such as undigested food, bacteria, viruses and the waste products of metabolism, from entering the blood stream.

All of these important functions depend on good dog digestion. These necessary processes for health, will not happen if the intestines become permeable ( having microscopic size small holes ) due to inflammation and malabsorption. This called Leaky Gut Syndrome, and yes, dogs can suffer from this too.

Since your dog's digestive system is so long, most of his Immune System resides here. So it follows that if digestive function is impaired, so will Immune function be impaired.

An important part of proper Immune function is the good bacteria which resides in the Gastro Intestinal tract. All mammals have this, including you. There should be billions of good bacteria living naturally in the small and large intestines.

When the flora ( bacteria ) in the gut is in balance here's what happens:

    some vitamins are made here

    vegetable fiber is fermented and broken down

    bad ( harmful) bacteria is kept in check

    toxic substances are broken down and made ready for elimination out of the body

Inflammatory bowel disease that occurs when your dog's digestive system is compromised, will adversely affect immune function. This will leave your dog at risk for dog health problems, including canine allergies, and other digestive diseases related to poor quality food.

You can see that dog digestion plays a crucial role in the health of your dog. It is from here that the blood will carry nutrients and oxygen, to every last little cell in your dogs body.

If you are confronted with a dog health issue, no matter what it is, you need not look any further than your dogs digestive system.

A poorly functioning digestive system, is the root cause of all disease, and directly affects your dog's Immune System, on which everything else depends.

The first step to keeping dog digestion working properly is by feeding a more Species Appropriate Diet.

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